Josh is running for Council

Long-term, kai-mahi here at Moana Radio, Josh Te Kani has been nominated and is running for ‘Council at Large’ in the upcoming Local Body Tauranga Elections on October 12th 2019.

Josh has launched his campaign and will be a part of a large number of candidates running in the local elections all over Aotearoa. He has worked at Moana Radio as an announcer, producer, reo advocate and our main “voice-over guy” for many years. His show, Mana Moana is the main source of information regarding all issues regarding Tauranga Moana. He is often seen standing side by side our kāumātua and is an effective communicator to pakeke and rangatahi alike. He is kanohi kitea at all main events, community engagements and events that affect the Moana.

To support all of our running candidates, Moana Radio will be airing a series of interviews with candidates to give whanau a more personal look at some of the people in the running. What they care about, where they stand on kaupapa Māori issues and what makes them different from other candidates or councillors.

To find out who is running this year in Tauranga Moana - check here - and if there is anyone you would like to hear us interview, please contact us.

Local Body Politics is very important and has immediate impact on your day to day lives, we implore all whānau to ensure that they are enrolled to vote and have your say about how Tauranga goes forward into the future. Check your enrolment here


We wish all the candidates all the best for their campaigns.