Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Te Rangi Rangatahi Summit

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Te Rangi Iwi Trust in conjunction with our Rangatahi Leadership Forum 'Te Rangi Hou' is hosting a Rangatahi Leadership Summit on 7 September 2019 'He Rangi Hou Kei Tua - A New Horizon".

One of our key priorities is to strengthen engagement with our rangatahi within and beyond Tauranga. To this end we have established a Rangatahi Leadership Forum called ‘Te Rangi Hou’ which offers our iwi and our rangatahi an opportunity to co-create spaces to engage and stay connected. Over the last five months, Te Rangi Hou have produce a draft rangatahi engagement strategy and are ready to take this out to a wider audience of Rangatahi for endorsement.

He Rangi Hou Kei Tua is a summit for Ngai Te Rangi rangatahi aged 16 to 30. It will provide the opportunity for our rangatahi to contribute to the rangatahi strategy as well as provide a platform for our rangatahi to connect, be inspired and motivated to reconnect with iwi and hapū initiatives, as we seek to build a movement of thriving, stouthearted, knowledgeable, Ngai Te Rangi rangatahi. The theme of the Summit is leadership in all spaces - business, environment, sports, health, education, governance and politics. We will bring together a range of experts from different fields to share their experiences, challenges and successes of being a leader.