Naia, Summer Loo and Onie go to Whitireia

If you've been listening to the A & O Show recently, you would have heard that Summer Loo and I  are currently enrolled in the Diploma of Radio Broadcasting through Whitireia in Auckland alongside staff and kaimahi from other iwi radio in Aotearoa. 

The Diploma includes learning aspects of the industry such as; podcasts, writing and voicing ads, voice-breaks, news-reads, story-arching, as well as video and audio editing. Radio has also evolved to include more media, so we're also learning how to build and design a personal website and  utilise social media which is currently a part of my job here at Moana Radio, but hey it always adds value to yourself and organisation to continue learning. Since We've already been employees at Moana Radio for awhile, it made sense to get some (more) training in.

We have recently attended our second weekend-long class. We've put together a short clip to document a tiny portion of the awesomeness that occurred over the weekend.

Big KIA ORA to our tutors, Larry, Kim, Nicole, Rā, Tama, Barry, Myrddin and to all of our awesome iwi radio whānau across the motu.

Nā Onie (Leonie)